My name is Mark Grove. I specialize in teaching women and children the tactics needed to defend oneself. I also can tailor a program for adults (male or female).

     I feel this is my calling. I want to offer programs that gives the woman and children the edge needed to protect themselves in an assault. There is really no program in my area that teaches more than just punching and kicking. I sat through a self defense program that was based solely around feeding a side kick to the ribs. I’m sorry in today’s society that’s not enough.

     Women need to feel confident in the application of what they are being taught. Rape is something that stays with the victim forever, if my involvement can help reduce women from going through that pain by empowering them to defend themselves. That is why I am here.

     Children need to understand that they are powerful even against an adult. Children assume that what an adult says they need to follow. This has never been more wrong. Empowering children to question and assess a situation in a manner that will save their lives is my ultimate goal.

     I hope you find all the information that you need on this site. For question or any other information. Please contact me at the numbers listed below.



   My philosophy is simple Self-Confidence and Awareness. If you think you can, you know you can. Believe in Yourself!!!! We only go through this life one time. There are no do-overs! Be Aware and Be Confident!

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Safe Guard Self-Defense

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